Free Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort

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Re: Free Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort


Post by Deepfake » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:46 am

The problem with this sort of debate is always that the people who want to criticise what you've said, and evaluate it, are accused of attacking 'free speech' for exercising it.

The ones who start flogging the 'free speech' subject are usually the sort who have virtually no reasonable defense for their attitudes about actually evaluating their methods and attitudes. If you could apologise and consider the viewpoints of others and determine the accuracy of your statements, you wouldn't have to deal with the ramifications of OTHERS having 'freedom of speech' about yours.

This is all symptomatic of self-oriented thinking, and honestly serves as an unnecessary deflection and distraction from the matter of there being two actual sides - the 'what about me' people who don't want to live in a society, and interpret freedom to be a matter of what you can do as an individual, even to the detriment of other individuals, versus the opposite side of 'we do not need to be in competition and finding a fair, even ground where we succeed together is of mutual benefit' - obfuscating the sides of the conflict in this manner tends to derail the whole issue and leads to zero resolution.

The conflict is enabled by threads of abuse and dishonesty in society - some people view disagreement with them as disrespectful, and do not understand or value the way in which this hobbles their self improvement. Others feel that criticism combined with sympathy should not be seen as patronising or condescending, but collaborative and accepting, which in itself is true - and yet this is hobbled by the false meritocracy of our competitive, capitalist society.

The stark reality is that a healthy mindset requires both an individual's aspect and a heavy emphasis on empathic and sympathic communication. The attitude that life will never be pleasant is a contradiction of that core value, the right to pursuit of happiness. Without that pursuit, we only have apathy.
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